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GrillSymbol- experiences since 1925

We all know that handmade products are a luxury these days, but at GrillSymbol we feel this is important and we are proud to carry on this tradition. We simply love the process and the feeling of accomplishment when making our products by hand.

Our Fire Pits, Charcoal Grills, BBQ Smokers and Corten Steel Planters are welded manually ensuring every product is unique. We are convinced that every single item would tell a story if only they could. When you’re enjoying beautiful moments in your back garden, emersed in the warm atmosphere of your fire pit, just imagine their stories.

When cooking paella on your Paella Cooking Set or a juicy lamb chop on our Charcoal Grill´s thick griddle, you can clearly see our passion for handmade quality. Just look at the strong welding and rivets. When making the finest Portuguese Cataplana just think how much power is needed to give that pan those curves!

While you are watering your plants, just know that the Corten Steel Planter you have is built for life. Enjoy the combination of beauty, quality, durability, and the story of GrillSymbol products! We do things traditionally as GrillSymbol and as a family-based business are honoured to keep these traditions alive. For more details please visit our website.

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