• GrillSymbol BBQ-Grill Smoky Beast

    Classic two-stack BBQ-smoker for you to enjoy the best taste experiences. The smoker is handmade of Cor-Ten steel. For the purposes of BBQ roasting, the smoker can be heated using firewood or grill briquette. Additionally, you have the possibility of using the smoker as a charcoal grill. If the heat comes from the fireplace for BBQ smoking or baking, then for grilling, you will have a special charcoal tub that is installed under the grates.

    The red-brown color of Cor-Ten steel is matched with details of stainless steel. The Smoky Beast clearly stands out with its impressive appearance from its competitors. The content of the smoker is by no means out-matched by its appearance since previous generation models have won many BBQ competitions.

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  • Grillsymbol Indoor and Outdoor Paella Gas Burner 7 kw

    • Gas burner for using both indoors and outdoors.
    • Ideal into a barbeque house!
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  • GrillSymbol Paella Frying Pan Set Basic-460

    A high-rimmed steel pan with very good cooking features, perfectly suitable for frying, preparing meat, fish, vegetables, and different rice dishes. The pan is also suitable for making tasty pancakes. Use your fantasy and cook a desired dish on the pan!

    Basic-460 is a compact, light, but at the same time with a strong construction set for home, summerhouse or for a trip to nature! It enables to prepare different dishes from raw and pre-cooked ingredients. The pan fits 6-12 portions depending on the dish cooked. Pan’s flat bottom perfectly enables to keep the food warm. The pan has a 5 cm rim, which allows the food to be stewed and steamed (under the lid), which is a great advantage comparing to low-rimmed pan.

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