The Customer is entitled to withdraw from the Sales Contract without giving reason, replace or return the Goods within 14 days from the delivery date of the Goods. In order to get the free delivery, same type of delivery, how the product was initially received, must be used. In case of withdrawal the customer must return the goods immediately, but not later than 14 days.

An item can be tried on or tested in order to see whether it fits you, but in the course of try-on or testing the item and package thereof must be influenced as few as possible.  NB! Try-on means the same use, as it is usual in case of a retail sales place before the purchase. For example, no frying on the pan, no fire making with the BBQ cooker etc. The returned goods must be in original packaging, with the original label and with the same complexity as at the moment of deliver to the Customer. The Goods that are delivered to the Customer as disassembled must be also disassembled during return and packaged the same way as it was when the Goods was delivered to the Customer. If it is possible to open the package of the Goods without breaking it, then the Customer shall agree to open the package this way. Objects (for example protective layer) that are installed to the Goods to protect them must be removed for returning.

If the original package of the Goods is damaged or if the Goods are used more then reasonably expected during the trial period or if the returned Goods are not in the same condition as the new equivalent Goods then the GrillSymbol OÜ has the right to unilaterally take off compensation that is equivalent to the diminished value from the sum that is returnable to the Customer. The sum of compensation shall be always determined within extent of possible diminished value of returned Goods and after the sum of compensation is determined, the Customer shall be notified about the sum of compensation as soon as possible. NB! The customer must also note that they will have to bear the cost of returns.

The right to return within 14-days does not apply for the Goods, which are made according to the personal needs of Customer; it means products that are made as a special order. GrillSymbol OÜ is not refunding damages that are made by forces of nature.

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