Gas burner and wind are things that don’t go together. Without any protection, it is very hard to cook outside using a gas burner. Even a single windshield ring around the burner may not provide protection and it often happens that wind blows out the gas flame.

As the name says, Triple Windshield provides triple protection from the wind and a double protection on the sides. The bottom is also protected: perforated bottom panel gives protection from wind and at the same time provides sufficient ventilation.

This solution also decreases the gas consumption because the heat is kept under the pan (in the windshield) and only a little part of it will go into the atmosphere through the vent-holes. Since the wind influences the flame very little, the
flame is stable, as is temperature on the pan.

Triple Windshield- a clever and economical solution that works, may it rain or shine!

Advantages of GrillSymbol “Triple Windshield”:  

•    Safety first – the product meets CE requirements
•    “Triple Windshield”- triple protection from the wind
•    “Triple Windshield”- heat is directed straight onto the pan, it doesn’t fade away
•    “Triple Windshield”- decreased gas consumption
•    Tested and developed in the Nordic countries, produced in Estonia
•    GrillSymbol – already 18 years in the market

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