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GrillSymbol Paella Cooking Set Basic-960, ø 96 cm


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Steel pan with a high edge has very good baking properties, perfect for frying.

The pan is made of 3 mm steel, it is easy to transport and the boiler weighs only 19 kg!

With the help of Basic-960 you can feed large crowds very quickly – 50-200 servings per hour, depending on food and demand. Basic-960 allows you to prepare a variety of dishes from both uncooked and pre-cooked ingredients. The pan holds 50-80 portions at a time, depending on the type of food you cook. The 5 cm high edge of the pan also allows the food to be stewed and steamed (under the lid), which is a big advantage compared to low edge pans.

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Technical information:

  • Diameter: 96 cm.
  • Bottom diameter: 85 cm.
  • Capacity: 50-80 servings.
  • Height: 85 cm.
  • Panel edge height: 5 cm
  • Weight: forehead 19 kg, set total 32 kg. (light weight, easy to transport)
  • The boiler is made of 3 mm steel.
  • Burner: 21 kW, diameter 600 mm.
  • All three burner circuits can be adjusted separately.
  • Gas consumption at full capacity 1.5 kg / h, normally 0.5-1 kg / h.
  • The legs can be removed and screwed on (butterfly).
  • The set contains a reducer and a 1.2 m long gas hose.
  • NOTE! This Paella Cooking Set contains no lid.


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