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Here you can find very special products. All our Gas Stoves for outdoor and indoor use are developed to work in hard conditions. Powerful indoor & outdoor gas cookers are surrounded with three layers to protect gas flames, the frame is stable and strong enough to carry steel, stainless steel or cast iron pan. Big models are widely used by caterers, pubs and restaurants. Small models are for home users. Our Gas Stoves are popular amongst Micro Breweries who put a pot onto gas burner instead of a pan.

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  • GrillSymbol Paella Gas Cooker TW-960

    A tool of a very big productivity that enables to cook different dishes both from uncooked and pre-cooked products. Mostly meant for caterers, catering enterprises and restaurants.

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  • GrillSymbol Outdoor Paella Gas Cooker TW-720

    Eco- solution:

    From the sides and bottom, the gas burner is surrounded by steel details with galvanised cover that reflect heat. The heat is reflected to the surface of the pan, the dull dark surface of which acts as a heat absorber. As a result, most of the released energy is used for the intended purpose which enables to save up to 20% of the gas. As the influx of cold air from below is limited, the heat on the pan gets distributed evenly. The Eco-solution also protects the gas flame against wind from the sides and from below.
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  • GrillSymbol Outdoor Paella Gas Cooker TW-580

    Gas stove GS 580 is an irreplaceable helper in a garden or on a terrace at home. Also suitable for outdoor catering to cook soups and sauces.

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  • GrillSymbol Outdoor Paella Gas Cooker TW-460

    A light and functional set to use at home, in a summerhouse or on a trip to nature. Also suitable into a restaurant kitchen and for outdoor catering to cook soups and sauces.

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