GrillSymbol Lid for Fire Pit Lucas

GrillSymbol Lid for Fire Pit Lucas


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Lid for Fire Pit Lucas made of Cor-Ten steel. Gives the product a more aesthetic appearance and hides the hearth inside the fireplace. It also allows you to keep the fireplace mostly dry.

Cor-Ten steel is almost pure carbon steel but processed in order to have a protective layer on the surface to make it weather-proof. The surface is originally greyish, due the weather conditions it turns reddish-brown (resembles the colour of rusting), which becomes darker within time. If used properly, Cor-Ten steel is expressive, durable and maintenance-free and can stand time in its own peculiar way.

Design: Petteri Wiimaa


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  • Made of 2 mm Cor-Ten Steel
  • Diameter 95 cm
  • Weight 12 kg
  • Wooden parts of the handles: stained oak
  • The fixing corners of the lid are fixed with M6 bolts
  • Estimated assembly time 5-10 min



COR-TEN® Steel products seasoning instructions


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