GrillSymbol Paella Pan FP-460 Basic, ø 46 cm

GrillSymbol Paella Pan FP-460 Basic, ø 46 cm


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A high-rimmed steel pan. The pan is suitable for making tasty pancakes. Use your fantasy and cook a desired dish on the pan!When heated, the surface of the pan gets slightly concave from the middle. Ideally suitable for using in an outside kitchen, on a campfire or on a gas burner.

It enables to prepare different dishes from raw and pre-cooked ingredients. The pan fits 6-12 portions depending on the dish cooked. Pan’s flat bottom perfectly enables to keep the food warm. The pan has a 5 cm rim, which allows the food to be stewed and steamed (under the lid), which is a great advantage comparing to low-rimmed pan.

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Technical data:


  • Diameter: 46 cm.
  • Diameter of the surface: 38 cm.
  • Capacity: 6-10 servings.
  • Height of the pan’s side: 5 cm.
  • Weight: pan 6 kg.
  • Pan is made of 3 mm steel.
(the grate in the picture is not included in the price).


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