Charcoal Drawer Smoky Beast
Charcoal Drawer Smoky Beast
Charcoal Drawer Smoky Beast
Charcoal Drawer Smoky Beast

Charcoal Drawer Smoky Beast


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Charcoal drawer SBCH. Suitable for Smoky Beast and Smoky Beast XL BBQ-Smokers.

Charcoal drawers can fit in the grill:

Smoky Beast = 1pc
Smoky Beast XL= 2 pcs


NB! It is a spare part. When you buy a BBQ smoker, the charcoal drawer is included in the set and you don’t need to buy it separately.


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  • Made of 1,5 mm steel
  • Weight: 2,2 kg
  • Dimensions: 44 x 40 x 8 cm

In addition to BBQ, it is possible to grill in the smokers, for that purpose we have developed a special coal tub. The coal tub must me placed to the bottom of the smoke drawer, the fat tubs must be removed. The specific shape  and the perforation of the material of the coal tub guarantee a sufficient air circulation, as a result the coal stays “vivid”. The intensity of the air circulation can be regulated with the shutters that are at the ends of the chimneys and with the door of the heating compartment.

It is possible to grill using grilling coal or grilling briquette. Grilling coal can be “produced” before grilling in the heating compartment by burning firewood, as a result of this the coal is generated.



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